Vegetable seeds for the professional produce grower


Keithly-Williams Seeds originated as a high end vegetable seed sales business in 1981. Keithly-Williams sells high quality vegetable seed to professional produce growers through our highly trained and knowledgeable sales staff. Our intensive product development department offers the service needed to successfully fulfill the grower’s needs and help them solve their farming issues. We are partnered with and represent the most reputable seed producers in the world. We consistently provide exceptional customer service combined with the highest quality products available in the vegetable industry.


Keithly-Williams Fabrication business was established in 2003. It originated when we saw a very distinct need to provide better planting processes and provide higher quality equipment to help growers achieve maximum production . We are again partnered with suppliers worldwide and have access to and inventory of a wide range of state of the art planting, transplanting, tillage and spray equipment. We have an advanced, in-house fabrication facility to meet the needs of the professional vegetable grower.


Keithly-Williams Nursery began in 2007. The vision behind our nursery was to ensure that the best seeds are properly used to provide the very best quality transplants available for today’s high tech vegetable growers. Our state of the art facilities and expert staff insure delivery of the finest products available anywhere. With an efficient and safe delivery system, we are able to service farmers year round in all areas of the Western US from our desert Southwest and Central California locations.